sigrok at 35C3

If you're at this year's CCC Congress (35C3) December 27-30 in Leipzig, Germany, please feel free to drop by at the sigrok assembly.

We'll be there all 4 days of the congress (with the usual set of random test & measurement devices) for hackathons and random development discussions.

We're always happy to chat with users and contributors, hear about your feature requests and ideas for improvements etc. You can also bring your own devices, chances are we might be able to write drivers for some of the "simpler" devices right then and there, or at least grab some relevant information (photos, lsusb, possibly teardowns if you want).

There will also be an Introduction to sigrok lightning talk (2018-12-29, 12:05–12:10, Borg) by Soeren Apel (abraxa on IRC), make sure to check it out.

Assembly location: I2, Exhibition Hall 2, Level 0.