New logo: Works with sigrok

We've created a new sigrok-related logo that manufacturers or resellers of devices can use to advertise sigrok-compatible products: the "Works with sigrok" logo.

If you're developing or selling logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, multimeters, or any of the other supported device types, you can use this logo under the following conditions:

  • Your device must be fully supported in the current git master version of libsigrok.
  • The protocols used by your device must be publicly documented.
  • If your device requires additional files at runtime, redistribution of these must be permitted.
  • You must not imply any endorsement of your product by us.

See the Advertising sigrok compatible products wiki page for details.

We're happy to announce that the first user of the new logo is Hobby Components, who are selling FX2-based logic analyzer devices.

What's more, they're now also pre-configuring their FX2-based 8-channel logic analyzers (e.g. the Hobby Components HCTEST0006) to contain the new official sigrok VID/PID pairs for fx2lafw, so their devices will show up as "sigrok FX2 LA (8ch)" in e.g. PulseView and (only) work with our fully open-source firmware and software stack.