libsigrokdecode 0.4.1 released!

We're happy to announce that libsigrokdecode 0.4.1 has been released.

You can download the libsigrokdecode-0.4.1.tar.gz source tarball from as usual.

This is mostly a bugfix-release, the C library API was not changed. This means existing frontends that work with / are linked against libsigrokdecode 0.4.0 will continue to work just fine, without requiring relinking or recompiling.

However, some of the protocol decoders' output changed in ways which are not compatible with the state of the decoders in the last libsigrokdecode release. This means, if you're using any scripts to parse decoder output, or if you have any "private" protocol decoders that stack on top of one of those shipped with libsigrokdecode, you will have to do some adaptations. You're also encouraged to submit such decoders to be included in libsigrokdecode proper, of course!

In addition to all kinds of improvements and bugfixes in existing protocol decoders (PDs), you're probably most interested in what new protocol decoders are now supported (backported from git HEAD). So here's the list:

  • aud: Renesas/Hitachi Advanced User Debugger (AUD) protocol
  • avr_pdi: Atmel proprietary interface for the ATxmega MCU
  • dmx512: Professional lighting control protocol
  • em4305: EM4205/EM4305 100-150kHz RFID protocol
  • gpib: IEEE-488 GPIB / HPIB protocol
  • ps2: PS/2 keyboard/mouse interface
  • rgb_led_ws281x: RGB LED string protocol (WS281x)
  • ssi32: Synchronous Serial Interface (32bit) protocol
  • t55xx: T55xx 100-150kHz RFID protocol
  • wiegand: Wiegand interface for electronic entry systems

This adds up to currently 70 supported PDs in total.

Please check the libsigrokdecode NEWS file for the full list of user-visible changes in this release. As always, we're happy about bug reports, feature suggestions, comments about which protocol decoders you'd want supported next, or even better — patches :)

Happy decoding!