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Old ver front.png
Status supported
Counts 22,000
IEC 61010-1 CAT II (600 V) / CAT III (300 V)
Connectivity RS232 / USB
Measurements voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, diode, continuity
Features autorange, true-rms, data hold, min/max, relative, bargraph, backlight
Website uni-trend.com

The UNI-T UT61E is a 22,000 counts, CAT II (600 V) / CAT III (300 V) handheld digital multimeter with RS-232 or USB connectivity.

See UNI-T UT61E/Info for more details (such as lsusb -vvv output) about the device.

The more recent UT61+/UT161 series is different from the previous UT61 series, and is not supported, until their protocol is known and a driver for them becomes available.



Older version:

Newer version:


See Cyrustek ES51922 for the DMM IC protocol.

Depending on the cable, additional decoding is needed, though.

Different cables are available to communicate to the DMM: regular serial cables which provide a COM port, and USB HID based cables where applications are required to handle a proprietary protocol of running serial communication on top of HID requests. See the Device cables page for details; the same cables can be used with many different DMM models.

Depending on the specific cable in use, either a device driver ending in -ser or not ending in -ser must be used. See README.devices for details.

The message "HID feature report error: LIBUSB_ERROR_PIPE" results from using the USB HID driver with a USB-to-serial cable. In this case, try using --driver=uni-t-ut61e-ser

The transmission of the measurement data cannot be disabled. The respective Cyrustek ES51922 pin (111, RS232) is tied to GND (i.e. transmission is always enabled) on this multimeter.[1]


The following sigrok-cli command can be used to receive five measured values from a device connected via USB (note that the USB VID/PID after the conn option needs to be changed depending on the exact USB adapter cable used):

$ sigrok-cli --driver=uni-t-ut61e:conn=1a86.e008 -O analog --samples 5

If your meter has a serial (RS-232) cable connected to a USB-to-serial adapter, a different driver is used. Example for ttyUSB0:

$ sigrok-cli --driver=uni-t-ut61e-ser:conn=/dev/ttyUSB0 -O analog --samples 5

Same example for COM1 (Windows), please note the special syntax for specifying the COM port:

C:\> sigrok-cli --driver=uni-t-ut61e-ser:conn=\\.\COM1 -O analog --samples 5

--samples <n> stops acquisition after the specified number of measurements, while --continuous does not stop. Type just sigrok-cli by itself for a summary of options. More information on drivers can be found in the README.devices file of the libsigrok source tree.