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Releasing... everything

It's been a while since we last released a new version of libsigrok. A lot of work has gone into the library since then, but we somehow never got around to doing releases — there was always some major API change coming, or a driver that was nearly finished.

So here's a release now, and it's a good one. We're simultaneously releasing the following:

As announced earlier, libsigrok now supports analog sources, such as oscilloscopes. But this has actually led to many other classes of hardware as well, and we wrote tons of drivers. We've added support for the following:

Logic Analyzers



  • Hantek DSO-2090
  • Rigol DS1052D, DS1052E, DS1102D, DS1102E


  • Agilent U1231A, U1232A, U1233A
  • Brymen BM857
  • Digitek DT4000ZC/TekPower TP4000ZC
  • Fluke 187, 189, 287, 289 and the Scopemeter 199B
  • Mastech MAS345
  • Metex ME-31, M-3640D
  • PCE PCE-DM32
  • PeakTech 3410, 4370
  • RadioShack 22-168, 22-805, 22-812
  • Tecpel DMM-8060, DMM-8061
  • UNI-T UT61D, UT61E
  • V&A VA18B
  • Victor 70C, 86C
  • Voltcraft VC-820, VC-840

Sound level meters

  • Colead SL-5868P
  • Tondaj SL-814

Temperature, humidity and CO loggers

  • Lascar EL-USB (various models)
  • MIC 98581, 98583

All of these devices have their own page in our wiki, with full teardowns and protocol documentation. You can find an overview here.

Existing drivers have seen many bugfixes and improvements as well: check the NEWS file for details. There are also input modules for the VCD and WAV file formats, and an output module that pretty-prints analog output with appropriate units.

The commandline client, sigrok-cli, has been updated to deal with the analog devices, and has had an overhaul of the commandline options; this should make it a bit more intuitive to use. Check the man page for details and some examples.

The python decoder library, libsigrokdecode, now exposes decoder options to clients. There is also a new decoder for the Dallas DS1307 RTC chip's protocol.

Up until now, sigrok-cli has been the only officially supported sigrok client. That's changing: we're happy to announce that PulseView is getting its first release as well, and will be officially supported from now on. That means releases of libsigrok and pulseview will be kept in sync, with respect to API/ABI compatibility. We also enforce this in the git development repository. When PulseView gets support for protocol decoding, we'll keep it in sync with libsigrokdecode as well.

All four releases are considered pretty stable; we don't know of anything that crashes at the moment. If you find a bug, please take the time to post a bug report.